MC Nash

MC Nash

Connected Clothing X MC Nash


If you are speaking about a MC who knows how to blow the roof off, you are speaking about MC Nash, of course. Nash has it all; amazing skills, too much energy and a passion for the music.

We asked him to promote Connected Clothing, because he is an exceptional MC in the world of music and in the nightlife. He has a click with the crowd and he feels the crowd as nobody else. He provides a connection among the DJ, the crowd and himself. That combination ensures a unique experience.

My name is MC Nash. Since a year I wear the clothing of Connected. The brand is simple, but unique. At the moment, when I wear the shirt or the cap, I feel that people are interested in the brand. Therefore, I often get the question: “Which brand do you wear? It looks very good!”

Because of that I am happy that I chose for Connected Clothing. You see. You stay Connected with the people!


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