Funk D

Funk D

Funk D: “Connected Clothing is a young, new and fresh brand with a unique goal.”


DJ Funk D, known from records like “Awesome”, “Walk Alone” and numerous bootlegs, has been active in the scene for years. “I started playing records when I was thirteen. At that time I took my plates every Friday to school, so I could record in the local pub afterwards. Very cool. “The little Dirk then bought an expensive train ticket and moved to Arnhem. “Out of the train I went to the record store to get two records for twenty euros. Back then you got four tracks and that process repeated week after week.”

Now the little Dirk doesn’t exist anymore. With a length of at least 185 centimetres he always knows how to get the most out of the people. Meanwhile Dirk travels around the world to attend his shows. Funk D’s club bangers give the audience a big smile on the faces and connect the people on the dancefloor with each other. We are proud of Dirk as a member of the Connected Clothing Team. On top of that, Dirk believes in our purpose that fashion can connect people. Funk D: “Connected Clothing is a young, new and fresh brand with a unique goal. They know exactly what to do and how to do. And that’s the reason I have joined the Connected Clothing Team.”


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